Trophy Winning Week 10 Sleepers

After watching Justin Fields go off, we know there are still sleepers on waivers. So let’s improve our advice with some smash sleepers for Week 10!

Trophy Winning Week 10 Sleepers


Hey! Yea you. It’s safe to come out now. The Bengals are on a bye, so Joe Mixon can’t hurt you anymore.

I don’t know what in the name of our Lord and Savior Tony Romo got into Joe Mixon, but his performance in Week 9 was an all-time show. There was nothing you could do but watch and pray you weren’t playing against him in many leagues.

Mixon was the Week 9 storyline. Sure, there were nice games from Austin Ekeler, Davante Adams, and Justin Fields, but Mixon was the star.

So, how did this column do last week? Not so great. 

Let’s recap the week that was before dropping some Week 10 gold!

Kansas City Shuffle

I knew Ryan Tannehill was dealing with an ankle injury when I wrote the column, and I knew it was a late game. However, he traveled with the team and went through warmups, so I thought we were safe. 

Nope, it was another Malik Willis mess of a game.

So why not pivot? Well, by the time it was official, there was no quarterback I could say was worth starting. Sure, it means the numbers look bad as we take an 0-4 for the position, but I’ll never recommend a player I don’t think could finish in the Top 12, and I knew the remaining guys weren’t getting it done.

It happens, and we move on from it. Add Mike Vrabel to my Matt Ryan hate list for ruining my quarterback heater.

Not Good Enough

The touchdown machine finally ran out, and Jamaal Williams gave us an average day, scoring double-digit points in PPR thanks to a two-point conversion. That was good enough for RB22 on the week and a 3-1 record on lineup advice. He didn’t win your matchup but didn’t lose the week for you, either. 

Speaking of Touchdowns

Tyler Boyd scored a touchdown. It may not show in the box score, but it happened. Zac Taylor even threw the flag because it was apparent he scored, and somehow, the refs still didn’t overturn it. So thanks to the incompetent officials, we had a single-digit PPR week and only a 2-2 record in lineup advice; not what we are looking for in this column.


Start of a Streak for Week 10 Tight End Sleepers

Noah Fant came in and saved our week! It was a close call with Fant as he needed a 50+ yard catch late to secure a top 12 spot, but he got it done. Fant finished as the TE7 on the week and had a clean sweep on the lineup advice. While it doesn’t negate the rest of the column's misses, it feels good to produce some benefit each week and stay above .500 on the lineup advice.

Champ Chains

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So let’s look at where Week 9 leaves us heading into the Week 10 slate.

Trophy Winning Sleepers Record Going Into Week 10:

Top 12 Finishes - 13-23

Lineup Advice - 96-51-1

Week 9 wasn’t spectacular, but still decent numbers overall. So let’s improve our advice this week with some smash sleepers for Week 10!

Bowing Out Performance for This Week 10 Sleeper

Quarterback was a tough call. On the one hand, we have a Miami defense giving up a ton through the air, but on the other hand, we have a quarterback who hasn’t thrown a road touchdown since Week 1. So something has to give; obviously, you know which way I am betting.

I expect a high-scoring affair in the Browns at Dolphins. Tua Tagovailoa and the high-powered Miami offense will force Brissett to pass in one of his final starts of the year.

I expect the consensus QB19 to have a day and outscore Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo, Dak Prescott, and Jared Goff. 

Mike McDaniel is Calling the Shots for Our Week 10 Sleepers

Jeff Wilson Jr jumped into the Mike McDaniels offense like he has been there all year. Spending his past few years in the same system likely helped, but Wilson even out-snapped current starter Raheem Mostert. Now, Wilson gets the soft Browns defense and will show the 49ers they made a mistake giving him up for next to nothing. 

Expect Wilson (and Mostert) to have great days against the 28th defense against opposing running backs.

The consensus RB25 outscores David Montgomery, Cordarelle Patterson, D’Andre Swift, and James Conner on his way to a top 12 finish.

"You're Coming With Me!"

Justin Fields looks like a world-beater all of a sudden, and he’s been trying to bring early-season bust Darnell Mooney with him. Over the past four games, Mooney has been averaging almost eight targets a game and gets a Detroit defense who ranks 29th in points allowed to opposing wide receivers.  With the Lions concentrating on keeping Fields from beating them on the ground, look for Mooney to get loose and smash his consensus WR32 ranking.

Mooney bests higher-ranked wide receivers Diontae Johnson, DeVonta Smith, Gabe Davis, and Josh Palmer this week.

Sleepers to Smash in Week 10

Trophy Winning Week 10 Sleepers


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You’ve heard me say it often in this column, but the Seahawks are just awful against opposing tight ends. They give up an average of 77.44 yards per game through the air (and 12.44 yards per game on the ground, thanks to Taysom Hill) to tight ends. So expect Cade Otton to feast on the Hawks after a big game last week from the rookie.

I am betting the consensus TE19 continues to see steady targets from Tom Brady and easily outpaces Tyler Higbee, Evan Engram, Dawson Knox, and Noah Fant this week. 

Let’s hope this week doesn’t land you in a position to be wearing the toilet seat at year’s end. We are chasing belts and trophies in this column. So let’s make it happen!

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