Week 12 Waiver Wire Pickups to Trash

Week 12 Waiver Wire Trash


Imagine this: You’re on Twitter or Facebook. You scroll past an article titled “Week 12 Waiver Wire Pickups to Trash.” You say to yourself, “I read an article on who to pick up. I don’t need to read that.” If you did so in Week 11 you might have woken up Wednesday morning, and seen Robby Anderson, Boston Scott, or Patrick Taylor made it onto your squad. You’re now out of FAAB, but it’s cool; they saved your week! You currently have a guy to start who could give you double-digit points this week. 

Insert Your Face Below:

Sure, I mentioned Cam Newton in the Week 11 piece, and he did well against Washington due to his touchdowns, but his 189 passing yards wasn’t pretty. In addition, he has maybe one matchup remaining on the season where you actually feel good rolling him out in your starting lineup. 

As for the other three, Anderson gave you 30 receiving yards, Scott was horrendous with 19 yards, and Taylor only saw four carries in a joke of a performance. But it’s ok. Like I told you in the Week 11 piece, I’m not a troll or an asshole here to trash players. I’m just here to help you avoid these bums and win that drop-dead gorgeous Championship Trophy. So let’s get started on who to avoid for the Week 12 waiver wire.

Go Ahead and Pass on That

Guys and girls, haven’t we been through this already? How many times are you going to waste your FAAB and waiver wire position on a Titans running back? This is not the time to fall for a cheap parlor trick, regardless of what the big sites tell you. Yes, Dontrell Hilliard had ten targets on Sunday. Sure, he caught eight of them. But what did he do with those eight receptions? 

47 yards and no touchdowns.

Week 12 Waiver Wire Trash Ribbons

There were 18 games in 2021 where a running back had eight receptions. Hilliard’s 4.7 yards per target were dead last. However, there was someone else on the list, who in Week 4, took his eight receptions for 79 yards: the Titans other running back Jeremy McNichols, who was out in Week 11. And yet, people are saying Hilliard might have surpassed McNichols? People will write anything to get clicks. Take out Week 11, and in Hilliard’s four-year career, he only has 22 total receptions. Meanwhile, he hasn’t played meaningful snaps in almost two seasons. 

After the Patriots, he has a bye, then every contest following is against an opponent who has a top-15 DOCE Score. So the thought of picking up Hilliard needs to be put in the garbage disposal and washed down the pipes.

More of a Roster Bomb than a Long Bomb

Marquez Valdes-Scantling was all but guaranteed to see a few deep balls in Week 11 against the Vikings. In 2020 he had a similar game taking four receptions for 96 yards and a touchdown, and with Allen Lazard out, he was all-but-guaranteed to see a bump in volume. I didn’t predict ten targets, but Aaron Rodgers was forced to take some deep shots with the Packers down early. 

You now have Lazard likely returning from injury and a Rams team who has only given up an eight-percent explosive play rate. You have to really like losing to pick up MVS. May I interest you in a Tattoo?

So if you don’t get explosive plays from MVS or volume - as he’s only had three games in the past three years with over four receptions - you must be getting touchdowns. Unfortunately, you’re likely going to be left out to dry once again. The Rams have allowed the second least about of touchdowns to wide receivers on the season. 

Week 12 Waiver Wire Trash
You'll be better off without MVS

Leave MVS on the waivers. His matchup is trash, his schedule is brutal, and he’s inconsistent. Let your league mates stock up on that Week 12 waiver wire trash.

Week 12 Waiver Wire Trashed Your Playoff Bye Hopes; Now Your Back for More

I was so close to adding Wayne Gallman to Week 11 Waiver Wire Trash, but I didn’t. I thought, “What if I get this wrong?” I’ll crush the playoff run for everyone. Well, scared money don’t make money, so I’m sticking to my guns this week and going back to the Falcons offense. Please… Help me! Help me, help you. Help me, help you. Help me… help you.

Stay the hell away from Qadree Ollison. Sure, he looked like the best back in Atlanta for Week 11. Congratulations. That’s like being the most charismatic legal process server.



The Falcons have one of the worst offensive lines in the leagues, one of the toughest schedules for running backs, and an offense reminiscent of the Death Star in “A New Hope.” Not to mention, Cordarrell Paterson should be returning soon and the Falcons are likely to use the hot hand. Go for the Title Belt and avoid Ollison. 

TrophySmack Fantasy Football Championship Belt - Gold
Customize your Title Belt so your name is permanently a place in history.

Tight Ends Need Touchdown Upside

If you’re streaming tight ends, you need one who you think will be able to get in the end zone. Although Austin Hooper has a 26.5-percent red-zone share, the Browns don’t attempt many passes in the red zone. They are 22nd in attempts, 27th in passing touchdowns, and only throw it on 37.3-percent of their plays inside the 20.  

The Ravens started rough against the tight ends but over the past three contests, they haven’t allowed double-digit points or a touchdown to a tight end. With Hooper not doing much with the volume he’s received over the past four games, there’s no reason to think he should capitalize against the Ravens in Week 12. 

Week 12 is a great week to stream tight ends. Don’t ruin it by picking up the epitome of the Week 12 waiver wire trash. 

Avoid Self-Inflicting Punishment with the Waiver Wire Week 12 Garbage

We all make mistakes. Don’t add to your list by picking up any one of these players. To help your future decisions making, be sure to check out the SmackZone later in the week as DaddysHomeFF and Cooterdoodle launch their articles. Also, be sure to follow Chase Vernon on Twitter. 

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