Week 7 Waiver Wire Pickups To Trash

Week 7 Waiver Wire Pickups To Trash

Author: Chase Vernon

I don't get it. Some of these Week 7 waiver wire suggestions are trash. I get it's the Byepocalypse, but really? You are that desperate? Well, if you are this piece isn't for you.

The first-ever Waiver Wire Pickups To Trash is for the intelligent fantasy players who didn't draft five of their starters on bye for Week 7. If they did, they've picked up players in Week 6 because they were prepared. Unfortunately, things happened, and injuries were rough in Week 6. Latavius Murray and Kareem Hunt will miss some time. Nick Chubb doesn't look like he will be back by Thursday. Antonio Gibson all could miss some time or at least be on a limited snap count.

Week 7 was ugly, but we have to use our brains.

Be Smart About Week 7 Waiver Wire Additions

When we check the waiver wire reports to cover ourselves from these unfortunate events, we are met with complete and utter garbage. Do you remember the time when everyone said go pick up Mark Ingram or Juwan Johnson after Week 1? How's it working? How much FAAB did you waste?

Hopefully none, and moving forward, The SmackZone is here to help. Don't blame those sites giving you bad advice. It's their job to put out clickbait and give you useless information. They wouldn't have an article without it. So instead, take it with a grain of salt, then come check us out as we help you avoid roster bombs, roster clogs, and wasted FAAB.

Taking Out The Garbage

Le’Veon Bell is Trash for the Week 7 Waiver Wire

What year is it? No seriously. Cooterdoodle needs to know. She's freaking out because everyone is telling you to go pick up Le'Veon Bell after his amazing performance. Dude is trash. His 1.25 yards after contact per attempt was less than 50-percent of either running backs in the same backfield. Meanwhile, he saw fewer carries and snaps while not getting an opportunity on passing downs.

The Ravens backfield was a mess in 2020 and will continue to be for 2021. Despite Latavious Murray's injury, Ty'Son Williams could return from the IR, which doesn't help the committee situation. Splitting carries and adjusting to matchups is what this team does well. If J.K. Dobbins had a limited upside in 2020, what does Bell have in 2021? Get the guy a walker and a nice warm seat on the waivers.

The Raven's unwillingness to pass the rock to their running backs plays a more significant role. They don't need to with the immense speed and talent surrounding Lamar Jackson—not to mention the legend himself. Keep in mind, 46.2-percent of Bell's career production has come in the receiving game.

TrophySmack Fantasy Football Loser Toilet Seat Waiver Wire Week 7
Don't Be Like Jerry

So you're telling me I get Bell's rushing ability which only accounts for a little more than half of his washed-up production in a crowded backfield? Naw, I'm good. Shit advice should stay in the toilet, and if you pick him up, you might as well flush… or at least crown yourself with the Loser's Toilet Seat.

Hoping for Kenyan Drake is like Putting Your Hand in a Garbage Disposal

When Kenyan Drake signed with the Raiders in the offseason, it left me scratching my head. They have one of the best backs in the league in Josh Jacobs, yet they signed a scrub going into his sixth year with few accolades throughout his career. When comparing the two backs, they are almost identical in every career-average statistic. However, Jacobs has a far better nose for the end zone, amassing only five fewer touchdowns in half the amount of time.

Over the first couple of weeks, some might have leaned into Drake being a thing after he gave you consecutive double-digit performances. But, since then he's been "hotdog water," as our guy Thomas Tipple would say.

Following Week 6, Drake is now talked about again. At first sight, rightfully so as he saw 73 yards and two touchdowns. However, don't fool yourself. The receiving touchdown came against 2015 undrafted free agent A.J. Johnson who I could rip into all day. He ran a 4.79 40 at the combine, which shows in coverage as he has already given up plays of 59, 31, and 24 against pass catchers.

Drake's second touchdown came after Jacobs had two consecutive touches, the second ending on a 29-yard reception. While Jacobs was getting a breather, Drake was called to action. On a handoff aimed at the right guard, the offensive line parted the Red Sea. He waltzed into the end zone with only one defender able to lay a hand on him.

All in all, Drake only saw six touches and 11 snaps. If you would like to take a chance on 11 snaps for a player who has been widely ineffective his entire career be my guest. However, my advice would be: don't chase the dragon. Let him ruin someone else's lineup on six touches.

Evan Engram: The Dumpster Fire King

You really must be a glutton for punishment if you're going with Evan Engram. May I recommend a Loser's Tattoo for your forehead? There are ones with dragons and unicorns and even one proclaiming, "My Mom Loves Fantasy Losers." Eh, you probably don't need one. Picking up Engram is like a flashing New York City street sign telling everyone you suck at fantasy.

Engram is the 12th most targeted tight end per game this season. Yet, in the four games he's played, he has given you no double-digit performances. Meanwhile, he's graded outside the top 50 for tight ends in PFF's receiving grades.

Sure the Giants schedule isn't the wringer against tight ends coming up, but it's been relatively easy in three of the past four. The only team they faced who has been a tight end deterrent was the Saints. However, the Saints haven't played any tight end to note outside of arguably Hunter Henry.

There are better players out there. Don't get caught by clickbait; I know you're better. Check back with me next Tuesday to see what is happening with the waivers for Week 8.

Curious about what is happening with Mike Evans' boom and bust weeks? Check out this piece by Cooterdoodle to know when you can run him out!

Make sure to check out Chase on Twitter for more waiver wire wisdom and his proprietary DOCE (Dump Off Containment Efficiency) Score metric.

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