100%  Satisfaction Guarantee

TrophySmack offers state of the art laser trophy plate engraving with all our products. Our perpetual trophies come with free engraving for up to 19 years at the time of purchase! Future years can be obtained for just $13 because when it comes to engraving trophies, we make it easier than ever.

Save some coin and that annual trip to the drab local trophy shop. Our engravable trophy plates ship right to your door for free! If you’re in the market for a custom trophy or belt, then look no further for a one of a kind piece. Celebrate the special wins in your life with a prize that’s unforgettable.

Check out our laser trophy engraver in action:

*These are actual League Names, we cannot be held responsible for our customers’ content. Although we do encourage said content.


Our process is as follows; we attach the ‘league name plate’ to the base during assembly, then the individually engraved trophy plates featuring each winner’s name will be included with your shipment. This allows you and your league mates to place them in the order you choose.

Our engravable trophies can be easily updated so you can enjoy a fully customized trophy or belt for years to come. Your new belt or trophy from TrophySmack will pay for itself in the long term, all while reminding you of your greatest wins.