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What is TrophySmack?

Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. Sorry, I was just wrapping up some sweet victory love making. Let me get you up to speed…

Think back on every fantasy week you destroyed the competition… 169 to 88…didn’t that feel good? Remember every painstaking roster move where you made the perfect gamble. Reflect on those tantalizing last-minute touchdowns that put your team just the tip ahead. At TrophySmack, we bottle every great moment of your fantasy life and distill them to create our extraordinary fantasy trophies… Cool story right?

Not quite. Your league’s been rocking that same tired trophy they found behind the local Karate-4-Kids class for years. It’s time for a change. You pop online to find the most in-your-face trophy to really rub your greatness in. “But why do all these boring trophies look the same?” you ask. We asked that same question. And now here you are…

Finally a unique and customizable fantasy trophy to represent your hard-earned victory! Each season the winner can keep the custom topper and plaque to remember that feeling of being number one. And with our team of creative geniuses releasing new toppers throughout the year, rest assured your league will thank you for years to come.

Have a great idea for a trophy? We host fan voted swap top competitions throughout the year! Whoever’s idea has the most likes, wins their creation for free. We will literally create it out of thin air, or at least pretty close to thin air. Join our mailing list to receive updates on our next competition.

Our exclusive swap tops, column colors, and 20″-56" sizes combine for over 1000 unique fantasy trophy combinations. So go ahead, feast your eyes. Be the architect of your own greatness. Level up your Fantasy Smack Talk with Trophy Smack today!

How does Engraving Work?

We utilize state of the art Laser Engraving for all our engraved products.  Our perpetual trophies include FREE League Name Engraving and up to 19 years of Engraved Winner Name Plates.

We attached the Engraved League Name Plate to the trophy and include the individual Engraved Winner Name Plates unattached in a cozy bag included with the Trophy.  The Engraved Plates are aluminum brushed FlexiPlas with an adhesive backing, so you can choose to arrange the winner plates however you see fit! 

Updating the configuration of the winner name plates can be done carefully in the future, but it is only recommended when you have enough years to fill the space of any plate you are moving.  This is because the adhesive backing can potentially peel some of the base paint.  If a new engraved plate is covering the previous plate location, any peeling will not be visible.  For this reason, we do not ship blank name plates.

Future winner name plates are available for purchase for only $13 with FREE SHIPPING!  Forget the annual visit to the local drab trophy shop and $20+ engraving fees;  we ship your new engraved name plates right to your door.  Your trophy will pay for itself with the engraving savings!

How do Swap Tops work?

It’s a trophy top…that can be swapped. Do you get it?

Our trophies are designed to best represent the current Fantasy Champion. Instead of passing the same tired trophy year after year, our trophies can be updated with custom curated Swap Tops and cleverly paired plaque quotes. Our team of mysterious creative geniuses release new Swap Tops throughout the year.

Future Swap Top designs with matching plaques are available to current customers for only $35!

When will you offer fantasy baseball, basketball, and golf?

We are happy to announce the succeessfull launch of baseball, basketball and soccer trophies! Join our mailing list for updates on other sports (expect golf closer to 2034).

I’m not happy for whatever reason and I’m thinking about Trophy Smack at the same time.

If you suck at Fantasy Football, there isn’t much anyone can do for you. Please see our loser section here.

However, there is no smack talk in good customer service. If something is wrong, please contact us at and we will make it right.

*Every customer complaint results in 50 lashes to our board of directors

What’s with Trump and Jesus? What are your political and religious beliefs?

Wrong question. While polarizing politics and religions might be bad for mankind, it offers itself as a wonderfully tee’d up opportunity for humor and smack talk in the safe contained environment of Fantasy Sports.

How are you guys so awesome?

Our self-proclaimed founder is a Unicorn that shits rainbows… But really, Fantasy Sports gives everyone the equal opportunity to kick ass. Our trophies make it more fun.

Shipping & Handling

Did you really win a bet with UPS last fantasy season for free shipping?

We offer FREE shipping on EVERYTHING within the Continental United States. We use UPS. No more questions.

I did not receive my engravings... Where are they?

To speed up the production process, the engraved plates will ship separately from trophy. Keep an eye out for a blue TrophySmack envelope with your engravings enclosed! Please allow 5-8 days for production plus shipping for engravings.

What shipping service levels are offered?

All trophies ship UPS Ground. Rings and tattoos ship via USPS. You will receive an email with your tracking number the day your product ships.

If you are interested in 2 day or next day air please contact Keep in mind our trophies are hyuge!

How fast does Trophy Smack ship once an order is placed?

We ship orders within 2-3 business days. Please allow an extra 2-3 business days for engraved products. Because of the unique nature of our products, high order volume can create delays in fulfillment. UPDATE: Due to high end of season and holiday volume, engraving production is at 7-8 business days.

What if UPS damages my shipment?

It’s been said every time a Trophy Smack Trophy gets damaged a Unicorn dies. We don’t want that to happen.

Please email us at and we’ll ship you a replacement. If the damage is minimal such as scraped paint we may have the option of sending touch up paint, since replacement parts of our assembled trophies are not feasbile.

Please hang on to the original packaging and damaged product so UPS can pick up for inspection...but don't worry, we’ll get your new trophy shipped and deal with UPS in a dark alleyway later.