Trophy Winning Week 13 Sleepers

Now with the final stretch starting in Week 13, we will get you those deep sleepers so you can hoist the 2022 Fantasy Football Championship Trophy.

Trophy Winning Week 13 Sleepers

As we come to the home stretch of the fantasy regular season, the injuries are piling up, and finding suitable sleepers is becoming more critical. This entire season we have given you players who no one else believed in or wanted to put in their starting lineup. Now with the final stretch starting in Week 13, we will get you those deep sleepers so you can hoist the Championship Trophy.

Unfortunately, our Week 12 results would have led directly to the Toilet Seat. It was just an awful performance across the board that led to our worst outcome on the season. But we keep the same energy with our wins and losses, so hold your nose as we recap the week that was.

Struck Out

Trophy Winning Week 11 Sleepers

When Ron Rivera was asked what Taylor Heinicke was doing to earn the starting role, he said winning. Unfortunately, fantasy managers feel the opposite after another mediocre performance from the Commanders quarterback. Heinicke finished at QB26 for the week and didn’t outscore any players mentioned in the lineup advice. 

Scary enough, that isn’t even the worst call of the week.

Jonnu Smith failed to register a target on the week, while Hunter Henry had himself two touchdowns (I refuse to hear a word otherwise). Obviously, he didn’t outscore anyone in the lineup advice since he didn’t score.

Burnt Turkey

Devin Singletary finished at RB36 on the week with only 9 PPR points. He also failed to outscore three of the four running backs mentioned in the lineup advice section. If that wasn’t bad enough, one of those mentioned was Miles Sanders, the RB2 of the week. Just a gross result.

But wait, there’s more!

So Close, Yet So Far Away

Darius Slayton was our best call of the week, just narrowly missing two touchdowns, but this isn’t horseshoes or hand grenades, so his almost game resulted in WR55. Unfortunately, he only outscored one of the names mentioned in the lineup, so he continues the worst week of the season for this column.

Well, that didn’t feel good, but transparency is essential in this game. Victory lapping makes while ignoring misses is a weird energy and we take a good look in the Loser’s Mirror every time we need it. Let’s just learn from it and come back stronger with our Week 13 sleepers.

Let’s take a look at where we stand for the season. 

Trophy Winning Sleepers Record Going Into Week 13:

Top 12 Finishes - 16-33

Lineup Advice - 117-76-1

So which players will win us the Title Belt in Week 13?

Week 13 Sleepers in a Shootout


Week 11 Sleepers Championship ring


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Jared Goff finally looked in early-season form, putting up a decent showing against a tough Buffalo defense. Things should be much easier in Week 13 with the Jags in town for a showdown of completely inept secondaries.

I like both quarterbacks to put up points, but since Trevor Lawrence doesn’t qualify for this column, give me the consensus QB20 to outscore higher-rated Tom Brady, Marcus Mariota, Aaron Rodgers, and Geno Smith.

Hopping In for Week 13 Running Back Sleepers

Zeke Elliott showed flashes of his old Salvation Army kettle-hopping self on Thanksgiving. In Week 13, he gets a nice matchup against the Colts, who are 19th in points allowed to opposing running backs.

Fun fact: Zeke has six touchdowns in his last four games played.  A healthy Zeke gets fed every week, not just on holidays.

Zeke comes in as the consensus RB28 and should smash that this week for a top 12 finish.

Give me Elliott over Jeff Wilson Jr, Miles Sanders, Dameon Pierce, and teammate Tony Pollard as my Week 13 sleeper at running back.

Tag Team Action at Wide Receiver

AJ Brown’s former team is awful at defending the pass but stout against the run. So while Brown will show the Titans what they are missing, DeVonta Smith should also go to town. In the past three weeks (with Goedert out), Smith hasn’t seen fewer than eight targets in a game and gets the 31st team against opposing wide receivers.

Give me the consensus WR25 in a smash play ahead of Mike Evans, Chris Olave, Deebo Samuel, and Amari Cooper.

Week 13 Tight End Sleepers Can't Be Worse

Week 11 Sleepers belt

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At tight end, we are looking to avoid goose eggs and are looking no further than Evan Engram to get in on the scoring in the Jaguars-Lions shootout. Lawrence seems to look Engram’s way every other week, and he’s coming off a one-target game. The Lions are 29th in points allowed to opposing tight ends, and Engram should actually be a decent play this week.

I know, I even surprised myself with that sentence, but here we are.

The consensus TE20 outpaces Greg Dulcich, Taysom Hill, Dawson Knox, and Logan Thomas on his way to a top 12 finish!

That’s it for Week 13 sleepers which almost statistically has to be better than Week 12, so I have that going for me at least.

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