It can be an overwhelming task trying to find championship winning fantasy football advice. That’s where I come in. Every week for the rest of the season, I will tirelessly compile the best of the best in print, sound, and social media. 




It can be an overwhelming task trying to find championship winning fantasy football advice. There is so much information out there these days that it can be hard to know what is worthwhile and what isn’t. That’s where I come in. Every week for the rest of the season, I will tirelessly compile the best of the best in print, sound, and social media. Make sure you follow, like, and subscribe to everything here and get these fine folks in your weekly rotation.

Trophy Winning Tweets of the Week

It’s rough out there on these fantasy football streets, folks. It’s easy to be down losing big-name contributors to our line-ups, but Ian Hartitz reminds us some things are more important than winning.


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ESPN’s Eric Moody is always dropping gems to help you make better decisions when setting your fantasy line-ups for the weekend. Heading into Week 5, the fabulous Mr. Moody has a thread with four stats you’re going to want to see before locking in those rosters.

The 2022 season has been a whirlwind. Knowing what we know now, most of us probably would have built our fantasy teams a little differently. In-Between Media’s Seth Woolcock takes a rear-view look at what the first round of fantasy drafts might have looked like if we could see the future.

Title Belt Articles of the Week

Noted hot sauce maker and spicy take specialist Bo McBrayer doesn’t disappoint in his weekly “Fantasy Football Hot Takes” for FantasyPros. This week he highlights a wide receiver who is primed to go off, a tight end he thinks will have a mountain of catches, and a running back who is going to burn their opponents on Sunday. So check out his advice and scorch your leaguemates in Week 5 on your way to a championship. 

Fantasy Football Hot Takes: Tom Brady, Ja’Marr Chase, Travis Kelce, Aaron Jones (Week 5) | FantasyPros


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Got 99 problems and they’re all fantasy football running backs? Trust me; you’re not alone. So what’s going on with elite running backs heading into Week 5? Can we expect it to change any time soon? Dan Kelly breaks it all down in his latest article for The Ringer.

Where Have All the Elite Fantasy Football Running Backs Gone? - The Ringer

We all love winning sick championship gear, but you know what we also like? Winning money. In his weekly article “Money Makers & Heart Breakers,” Mike Reedy lays out the perfect strategy to make your wallet a little fatter this weekend. Whether you play on DraftKings or Fanduel, he’s got you covered.

One of the most difficult things to do in fantasy is finding someone everyone else thinks will fail. More often than not, you're left with a donut in your flex. Mike has - somehow - figured out a way to successfully identify those players so you can have a chance to compete. Be sure to check out Mike's sleepers for Week 5.

Trophy Winning Week 5 Sleepers

Ring-Worthy Podcasts of the Week

Nothing is more important than keeping your fantasy football rosters fresh. You wouldn’t leave rotten fish in your fridge, so why would you leave it in your fantasy cooler?

On this week’s edition of “Drinking and Talking Fantasy Football,” hosts Jake Trowbridge and Dustin Lundt make you chuckle and give you the deets on players it might be time to cut bait on to get that stank off your bench.  

The always brilliant Chris Harris is back for Week 5 with a new episode of “The Harris Football Podcast.” This week he talks some “flexual healing” with guest Jake Trowbridge (him again??) along with dropping some money-making Draft Kings picks. If you want to win your week, you need to get this podcast in your rotation, folks.



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Winning in fantasy football is complicated, especially as injuries stack up and players fall flat on their faces. Fortunately for you, Nate Hamilton and Keaton Denlay have you covered in this week’s “Fantasy Tilt.” The gents walk you through some interesting backup quarterback situations, why the new adult happy meal toys from Mcdonald's are dumb, and players that are a stop, some that are a go, or few in-betweeners. 

Whether you’re chasing a TrophySmack Championship Trophy or are just a casual NFL fan, there is a lot to look forward to on the horizon. All I ask is you enjoy the ride. I’ll be back next week with more musings on the week ahead and a review of the week just behind us, right here in the SmackZone.

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