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Top 100 List of Fantasy Football Team Names for 2022

Fantasy Football Team Names for 2022

Lucky for you, we have decided to cross reference our data with the internet and come up with the most unique names for your fantasy team in 2022.


Trying to find a unique, clever team name for your fantasy leagues isn't easy. The internet has taken over and made it difficult to create or come across anything that your leaguemates haven't already seen. Lucky for you, we have decided to cross reference our data with the internet and come up with the most unique names for your fantasy team in 2022.


New Fantasy Team Names for 2022


Came in Like a Wrecking Hall

London Bridge

For Whom David Bell Tolls

Knight Ridder

Drake It Till You Make It

B-B-B-Breecy and the Jets!

This League's a Breece of Cake

Breece’s Peanut Butter Kupps

Breece Lightning!


56" Championship Trophy


Burks, where’s my Brown???

Pickett Lockett Polka Dotson

Pickens My Jockstrap

My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle, It Foles

Jameis’ Olave Lamp

Davante’s New Carr

Raheeming Up That Hill

Hill's House is Not a Mahomes

Olave It When You Call Me Big Poppa

Reach for the Skyy

The Bateman


The Bateman Fantasy Team Name Title Belt


Guice is temporary, Sauce is forever

Tua Hill and Back

A, B, CeeDee, F-You!


🎶Wan'Dale, come back to me🎶

Three Little Boyds


Quarterback Centric Team Names


Country Road, Take Mahomes

Fields of Dreams

Sleeping With Cousins

Steelers Cousins Carr

Baby Got Dak

Big Dak Energy

Mitch do my Landry

Wentz in a Blue Mooney

Saving Matt Ryan

Almost Jameis

For my sides, I’ll take Dak n Cheese and Pollard Greens

Tua Much, Tua Little, Tua Late

Trey Lance, Lance Refrigeration  

Herbert the Love Bug


Jamarkansas BurrowStacks.

My Ex Kelce just Wants Mahomes

Dakstreet’s Back!

Quit Joshin’ Around

Kobra Kyler

50 Shades of Trey


Fantasy Team Names Relevant for 2022


Haley’s Kmet

Can You Diggs It?

Kupp Off!

How I Kmet Your Mother


Mumm-Ra St Brown

Hooked on a Thielen

Little Red Fournette

Only Fants

The Catalina Wine Mixon

All Barkley No Bite

My Nut Zach Ertz

Bear Force One

Shaquill a Mockingbird

Jake Fromm State Farm

A Strong Kupp of JuJu

Fresh Prince of Helaire

Dirty Landry

Batman and Dobbins

Etienne StrawBerrios GuiceCream 

Nagy and the Ferocious Chiefs

"Josh Jacobs JuJu Schuster Smith", his name is my name too

I Ansah To No One

School of Dawson Knox

Waller If Ya Hear Me!

Montez Sweatin to the Oldies


Too Kittle, Too Late Trophy Top fantasy football names


Too Kittle, Too Late

Hyde & Zeke

MeNajee a Trois

Make AmeriCam Brate Again

Yippie Kai Yai Justin Tucker.

It Ertz when I pee

Naa jee done(tae) chase(ing) us

Drop the Micah

Get Swifty

Cookies and Kareem

Charks and Beck(ham)

CeeDeeCee Guidelines.

Show Me the Mooney

Life’s a Mitch

Who Gives A-dams?

Lambskin Larges


Great Team Names, No Matter the Year


Blocked by Ben Roethlisberger

Always the Backup, Never the Bride

28-3 and Me

The Luckness Monsters

I’m Just Here so I Don’t Get Fined

Cayman Nebraska & The Urban Legends

I'm Dreaming of aCorrect Lineup

The Greatest Show on Paper

Sunday Shanahan-igans

Gronk if You Want to See My TD’s

Houston, We Have a Problem


With all the options for fantasy football team names, there should be no problem finding one. However, if you want to see the top 10, check out our Best Fantasy Team Names. Want to narrow it down to just the funny ones? We got you covered with our Top 50 Funny Team Names for 2022.

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  • Lame but one of my league names is Hurts When I Tee

    Tracy Lynette Renshaw on


    Justin Boncek on

  • COOKing LAMB in the PITTS

    Nathan on

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