If Adam Sandler Produced More NFL Films

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News broke Tuesday that Adam Sandler is producing a new movie called Home Team, centered around the NFL. He is bringing head coach Sean Payton and the infamous ‘Bountygate’ scandal to Netflix on January 28th. Twitter was buzzing after this reveal, but not for good reasons.


The overwhelming majority of Twitter posts consisted of two topics. The first was their confusion surrounding the actor chosen for the lead—Kevin James. Yes, you read that correctly. Sean Payton’s role will be played by James, known mostly for his involvement in comedies and movies such as Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Somewhat curious given how Payton is perceived to be on the football field.

The second head-scratcher is the writers’ choice to make this scandal surrounding player injuries a PG-rated comedy.

Twitter's Reaction to Adam Sandler's New NFL Film

Although there are supporters for the film, it seems as though the majority of public reactions were that of general unease. One user asked, “Was this part of the NFL’s punishment?” @bennyisles, referencing the different NFL punishments received by the New Orleans Saints and Payton after ‘Bountygate’ was exposed. 

The NFL suspended Payton for the entire 2012 season while the Saints general manager Mickey Loomis saw an eight-game suspension to start the season. The Saints also were fined and forced to forfeit draft picks.

Another Twitter user dropped their review from the top rope by describing it as being less than enticing. 

 @noahneyer01, possibly a James, Sandler, or NFL fan, succinctly described the thoughts of many. 

You can likely see why this has troubled so many fans if you have eyes and ears. Will this be a flop? It is tough to say. Am I in any way qualified to make any sort of casting decisions? No. Am I still going to offer up a few options in an attempt to fix the first issue as deemed by Twitter? Yes. 

Guys That Could Play A Better Sean Payton Than Kevin James(allegedly):

Choice 4: actor Will Ferrell 

I don’t really know why, but I feel like this would be a great fit if we are forced to watch Home Team unfold into a comedy.  

Choice 3: Sean Payton 

Payton could only play himself if we ditch the comedy genre.

Choice 2: Ben Stiller

I see a physical resemblance between Ben Stiller and Payton. I also think Stiller could pull off any genre for this film.

Choice 1: Bradley Cooper 

If you have ever seen a Bradley Cooper movie, you get it.

However, I would like to take things a step further. Follow me down this rabbit hole…

If Adam Sandler Produced NFL Masterpieces 

The Life of Bill

Adam Sandler NFL Film The Life of Bill


NFL Coach Bill Belichick contemplates retirement after losing the spark he once had as a young-ish head coach.

Genre: Comedy

Bill Belichick played by: Nicholas Cage

The Point of No Return

Adam Sandler NFL Film Point of no Return


One year after NFL head coach Urban Meyer is fired, he finds himself consistently at a loss for the right words. So to test his limits, he sets off to begin a career in stand-up.

Genre: Action

Urban Meyer played by: Dane Cook


Adam Sandler NFL Film Siblings


After years of public criticism, Jackson Mahomes finds himself in charge of his older brother Patrick Mahomes’ home and dog while Patrick is away playing in the Super Bowl. 

Genre: Drama

Jackson Mahomes played by: John Cena

Lombardi Party

Adam Sandler NFL Film Lombardi Party


Four years after Tom Brady’s infamous post-Super Bowl boat party, Tom finds himself remembering and reliving events previously forgotten from February 10th, 2021. It may have started at Armature Works, but where it ended is an entirely different story.

Genre: Horror

Tom Brady played by: Tom Holland

Head, Shoulders. Knees and Toe

Adam Sandler NFL Film Head, Shoulders. Knee and Toe


This documentary recounts the infamous 2021 season of Aaron Rodgers, plagued by a pinky toe injury. 

Genre: Documentary

Aaron Rodgers played by: Kevin Spade

Penetration!: In The Booth

Adam Sandler NFL Film Penetration in the Booth


NFL announcers are recorded live on air as they yell out sexually explicit phrases under the guise of football-relevant euphemisms.

Genre: Thriller

Announcers played by: Brian Fantana, Champ Kind, & Ron Burgundy?

Sandler’s abilities to put together masterpieces on the big screen - or at home on Netflix - are unmatched. However, we feel as if some of the undiscovered talent could be right there in front of us, reading this piece. So before Sandler has an opportunity to steal this lump of cinematic gold, we want to give you a chance to put a narrative on some of these potential NFL classics. 

We will be running a contest where the winner will receive a Custom Championship Belt

TrophySmack Ultimate Custom 6lb Championship Belt

What we need from you

  • Post the content - choosing one of the movies above - to your social media account, tag TrophySmack, and hashtag #SmackZone.
  • Content can be a narrative on the story, quotes or scenes from the chosen movie. Get creative!
  • Any form of content. A short-form article, Tweet, TikTok video, YouTube Video, Instagram photo, or Meme! If it is a short-form article, type it on GoogleDocs and send it to Chase@TrophySmack.com.
  • No rule on how short or how long; Channel your inner-Adam Sandler!
  • No limit on submissions! The more you post, the best your chance of winning!
  • We will pick our favorite submissions and run a tournament based off popular vote.
  •  Prizes and possibly an opportunity to join the team! 

Last but not least, make sure you are following Cooterdoodle to get advice from a pro!

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