Superflex Draft Strategy

With the season right in front of us, I have three more pieces of advice to carry you through , including some pointers for superflex draft strategy.

Superflex draft strategy


We are on the cusp of real, meaningful NFL football! Hopefully, you’ve done your prep and research and are in a frame of mind to dominate your draft. Over the last two weeks, I’ve touched on a handful of draft strategies fantasy managers employ to build the best team they possibly can to take home the title belt. 


So far, we’ve covered the laid-back, take it easy and don’t panic approach, #RobustRB, and #ZeroRB. All are useful strategies that can lead to success if done right. With the season right in front of us, I have three more pieces of advice to carry you through and get you that winner’s hardware.

ZeroWR Draft Strategy


Last week we touched on my favorite, though usually unintentional, strategy for my fantasy football drafts: RobustRB. Now we’re going to discuss RobustRB’s partner-in-crime, #ZeroWR.


Most managers who employ this in tandem with RobustRB – because you almost have to unless you’re going to take four QBs – also use ZeroWR logic. 


It’s relatively simple in principle and execution. 


Wide receiver is a deep position in the NFL, with many teams employing a three-receiver on 61-percent of plays. In a standard 12-team, 16-round draft, WR3s slip and start the season as undrafted free agents. Multiple factors allow many of these undrafted players to have an impact during the season. It might be a spot flex play depending on match-ups.


Due to the availability, if you grab an elite receiver in the early round and another mid-level pass-catcher a little later, you can get by with late-round dart throws and waiver wire pick-ups in-season.  


Here is how to execute it. 


In most drafts, you can get a WR2 with WR1 upside - such as Dionte Johnson - as late as the fourth round. Then, once you’ve grabbed that top-tier talent, you wait until the seventh or eighth round. Hopefully, someone like Rashod Bateman or Elijah Moore are still available.


After rostering two receivers, hold off for one of the last two picks to grab an additional for a bench/flex play. Once the season starts, I monitor the waiver wire for value adds to bolster my bench. 


Superflex Draft Strategy


If you haven’t played superflex format fantasy football, that’s okay. I didn’t try it until a few years ago. The quick explanation is this: In addition to your regular positional starting spots and flex spots, you have one superflex spot where you can start any one of QB/RB/WR/TE.



Celebrate crushing your leaguemates in fantasy football or memorialize a big milestone with your very own custom championship ring!


With most league scoring settings, quarterback is the most valuable in fantasy football. The opportunity to start two of them is exciting and ups the scoring totals in your leagues. However, if you bungle your draft, the strategy won’t matter. You’ll find yourself at the bottom of the pack, with better chances at a Toilet Bowl Trophy than a Championship Ring


So then, what do I do, Nate?


I’m glad you asked!


In most superflex drafts, the first round is a free-for-all on quarterbacks, though there are usually one or two non-QBs with a high enough scoring ceiling to warrant an early selection. So unless you can get one of them, go with the pack. 


What you do after this will make or break your season. 


Once you reach the second round, this is where you can start with your favorite strategy or non-strategy. 


If you are dead set on having a second stud quarterback, pay attention to who is taking a second quarterback and when. 


If you are okay waiting, pay attention to when and who your fellow managers are taking as their QB2. You don't want to be left praying that Gardner Minshew gets a shot at starting. 


Finally, whatever you do, do not draft a third quarterback. 


Don't waste a roster spot on a player you are unlikely to need more than twice. 


When bye weeks come up, you can occasionally find quarterbacks on waivers, especially with injuries and rookies. If not, you can slide a bench player into the superflex. You'll be fine and still in a great position to drip with the winning wager and a dope TrophySmack Champ Chain

The Finale: Live Drafting!


Nothing beats a live fantasy football draft. Having cold drinks, great food, and big laughs with friends, all while drafting a championship team. Whether it's friends, family, or co-workers, it's sure to be an epic time. Fun will be had, memories will be made, and friendly rivalries will be born. 

Draft board Superflex draft strategy

Remember to keep your cool as you stare at your league's gorgeous Draft Board, imagining the elite team you're about to draft. Of course, everyone is looking for an advantage, whether they try to intimidate you with their pile of draft cheat sheets or throw fake analysis out to see who bites. So take a deep breath, relax, tune out the noise, and fight back.  


Mess with your leaguemates.


Drop a whoopie cushion under your usually gassy little brother's seat cushion. The embarrassment will throw him off his game, and he'll draft a kicker in the fourth round. Success. 


Every time your boss is on the clock, stand next to them, hand on the table, showing off your massive, blinged-out Championship Ring from last season. Make sure they know you have no intention of handing it over any time soon.


Maybe even draft the best kicker on the board early. Like, really early. Start a run in kickers in the third round and reap the rewards. You'll have the best kicker in your league—you have to start one, right?—and because everyone else panicked, you still grab league winners with a leg up on the field. 


Whatever strategy you decide to use or distraction tactics you employ, remember that playing fantasy football should be fun! So, walk into your draft with a six-pack of your favorite cold beverage, eat some pizza, have some laughs, and enjoy your time with friends. Don’t stress so much about your roster. It’s a long season, and anything can happen. But, at the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to have fun, whether you take home the Ultimate Custom Title Belt or the Toilet Bowl of Dishonor.


Thanks for reading, and happy drafting!

You can find more of me on Twitter @NatePolvogt


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