2022: The Year of the Veto

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Over the last 60 years, fantasy football has grown in its popularity and in its complexity. Users no longer have to hand calculate their players’ scores each week. This extra time allows for the freedom to switch things up. Leagues have grown in size and even vary in their league types, scoring styles, and lineup setting abilities. Proposals for crazy concepts get passed while others see a hammer come down with a veto.

Veto Participation Ribbons
Some people will to what even it takes to not end up with a Participation Ribbon.

With added dimensions to leagues, fantasy football trades have become more and more popular amongst league mates to mitigate the unforeseen injuries and holes in someone’s lineup. Unfortunately, many users have voiced their opinions (read ‘whined’) about the trade veto, even though it is considered a standard in most leagues.

Vetoing has become a hot topic. While the majority of the community has fought against vetoes, few have stood up to the bullies to discuss why vetoing trades is actually a great thing. Much like kickers making a comeback, we have to take into consideration why vetos should stick around and why we should veto more moving forward.

Below we break down why vetoes should be celebrated and why they are in fact, necessary for all leagues to flourish. Want a trophy? Veto. Here’s why:

Sharks vs. Guppies

Every league has its sharks. You know the type: The guys out for blood while the guppies are still getting their toes wet and learning about the rules. Sharks are always looking to pull one over on the weak and timid. It’s essential to make sure that those guppies aren’t getting taken advantage of—at least not by someone other than yourself. 

“...we've all voted to veto when our shark uncle was trying to take advantage of our fish cousin in a lopsided trade or something”


Clean the ocean. Veto the sharks.

Friends Help Friends Veto

We all know that most fantasy leagues are full of sensitive guys who lash out when anyone ignores or declines their trade offers. However, sometimes it is way easier to just accept the trade to avoid the conflict. Once accepted, you can solicit the help of your friends in the form of a simple little veto. All you need is a majority vote.

“I had someone text me and say, ‘I accepted this trade so this person wouldn't get mad at me, but will you veto it because I don't want to actually do it,’”


The guy who offered the trade never needs to know. It’s a win-win situation.

Getting Even

Veto Championship Belt
It's time to stomp on their face this year.

Vetoes are the perfect opportunity for you to get back at a fantasy manager that you dislike. Anytime they are involved in a trade that might benefit them, you need to vote to veto the trade. They wronged you last year when they sniped Kyle Pitts right before your turn in the draft, so they’ve had this coming for a while. Now, it’s their turn to feel what it’s like not to have things go their way.

As @SamHoppen points out, many will claim to use vetoes because: “I didn’t want it to happen out of spite for the manager.”

Spite is one helluva good reason to veto.

The Veto Benefits The Voter

Sometimes your upcoming matchup is against the person who will benefit most from the finalized trade. You can’t let that happen. They will be weaker overall and much easier to beat if you veto the trade. I don’t care if the transaction isn’t collusion. If it hurts my chances: VETO.

“I would only vote toward whichever side I deemed beneficial to my own team.”


All is fair in love and war, but this isn’t war. It’s fantasy football. I just care about my team and that trophy.

The Value Lies in the Eye of The Beholder? The Value Lies.

Everyone thinks they are a fantasy football expert these days. They believe that they can use trade calculators and analyze past performances. They feel that they can predict future performances, too. No. Only I can determine if a trade is lopsided or not; thank you very much. If I think it even looks a little tilted………. VETO.

Power Trip

A Power Trip is more than just a catchy single by J. Cole. Pack your suitcase, because power is everything. If you have the ability to stop a trade solely because you can, why would you deprive yourself of that? You’ve been given the power; abuse it. Ruin someone’s day. Make a ruling based on nothing more than a gut feeling. Veto because you have the power.

The power can be so, so sweet.


Every league needs five things to flourish. All of these can be accomplished through a simple VETO:


What more could you want?


When you don't have to power to veto, you are essentially stripped of your rights. Those commissioners are taking the power out of your hands because they don't think you're intelligent enough to handle the responsibility. Don't let them do it.

Vetoes can be a winning tool that can bring you the Championship Trophy. Demand you have access to the tool, and use it to your advantage. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Be sure to check Cooterdoodle out on Twitter for more advice on how to stand up for yourself and do the right thing.

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This article promotes everything that is wrong in Fantasy leagues. Extinguish the entire trade system because you will never find a perfectly even trade. Its about supply and demand of needs current and future. Groups working together on a veto is obviously collusion. It should not be up to everyone’s personal opinion at the time what is fair. Why even make a trade offer if it’s not your choice in the end.

Harold Mcund

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