Top 10 Best Ways to Determine Fantasy Draft Order for 2024

10 Best ways to determine your draft order

Figuring out a fun, competitive way to determine the order in your fantasy football drafts is vital to your league's success. We got your covered.

Do you want the 1.01 in your fantasy draft? You’re not the only one. Figuring out a fun, competitive way to determine the order in your fantasy football drafts is vital to your league's success; it’s the kickoff to your season, after all. However, don’t stress about what you should do. We have you covered.

Before we dive into the top 10 ways to determine your draft order, you have to figure out what is important to you. For example, you’re likely not going to do a triathlon for a bunch of dudes whose workouts for the past year consisted of 12-ounce curls. You’re also not going to do drinking contests with a family league while you watch your 12-year-old nephew get hammered off 40s of OE.


When going through this list, keep in mind your entire league, and get the most out of the appropriate games to determine the draft order.


Top 10 List of Games to Determine Fantasy Draft Order




Those of you thinking to yourself, “I’m not running,” don’t worry! No one even has to leave their seats. It’s an entirely random 100-yard dash simulation allowing everyone an equal opportunity to get the top pick while tying their stomachs in knots, watching for the results. 100YardRush works for home and online leagues alike. Of course, it also helps if the entire crew can’t make it to the draft.


  1. Cornhole


Cornhole is a great way to determine your draft position if your league is competitive. Which alfa-minded individual would say no to a one-on-one, trash-talking game of cornhole? Not only do you get the head-to-head nature, but you also get some rivalries built up before the draft. Be careful what you say because figuring out the draft position is just the beginning of the fantasy season, and let me tell you: It’s a long one.


  1. Beer Pong




Beer pong arguably takes a little less skill and involves a bit more alcohol than cornhole, but they are on the same page. Much like cornhole, nothing beats going head to head with your leaguemates with the draft order on the line. You can do teams, but the recommended approach would be mono e mono with three cups a piece. The type/amount of alcohol (if any) is up to you.


  1. Quarterback Skills Challenge


A physical activity such as a skills challenge will pop up more than once in this fantasy football draft position article so let’s start with the arm talent. Think you are the best quarterback amongst the crew? Prove it in a quarterback skills challenge. Line up the buckets, throw out some targets, and grab a net with pockets if you’re feeling real froggy. Then, just like at The Fantasy Football Expo, get in line to show off. 


We know Uncle Rico isn’t the only guy who can throw the ball over the mountains, so let’s see what you got. 


  1. Wonderlic Test


If most of your drafts feel like a test you didn’t study for, wait till you hit the Wonderlic. One of the most demanding tests you will never practice, the Wonderlic will make you second guess your intelligence in just 12 minutes. Even the most intelligent people could fail the Wonderlic in moments. Compiling the pressure with a few beers creates an intense atmosphere, great for any draft beginning. 


  1. Dave and Busters



This one is likely the most expensive idea but also the most fun. Grab $50 and hit Dave and Busters! Each person gets to choose one game. The person with the highest score gets the number of points as people in your league (E.g., for a 12-team league, the highest score would get 12 points). After all twelve of the games are played, and scores are assigned, the person with the most gets their choice of draft position. 


  1. Video Game Simulator


Any video game simulator works to determine draft position. You could use Mario Cart, Super Smash Brothers, or Madden. Wrestling is especially fun if you’re into designing your guys to look like the players in your league. Simulators are not a game of skill, as no one actually plays. You put it fair across the board with a royal rumble and watch everyone go to town! The last player standing wins the Title Belt! 


  1. Wing Eating Contest


A wing-eating contest could be one of the best or worst ways to select your draft position, pending on how you value your leaguemates. You could choose the route of heading to Buffalo Wild Wings and do the #BlazinPunishment. Log the times it takes for each person to take down all six Blazin Wings. If multiple people can’t finish all of them, they wear the loser's bib while the amount left will determine their draft positions.

Determine your draft order

The #BlazinPunishment was originally meant to be the punishment for the losers, but why not take it a step forward and torment the entire league?


The other route is still punishing the loser from last season while also doing a contest. Everyone competes in an all-you-can-eat wing contest. The draft order would fall in line with whoever finishes the most. The catch is the loser would have to start out with six of the Blazin Wings before ordering any flavors a sane individual would eat. 


  1. A) The NFL Combine


Of all the ways to determine the draft order, the NFL Combine is the most time-consuming. Who can run the fastest, jump the highest, and lift the most? We are about to find out. The forty-yard dash is up first, followed by the shuttle run, verticle jump, broad jump, then finish it up with the bench press. Scoring for each event follows the same route as Dave and Busters.  


B) The Fantasy Combine


The NFL Combine is a great way to show off your skills but the Fantasy Combine something so much more. Throwing together some games we have already discussed, this combine lets everyone know who is the elite of the elite. Golfing, football, beer pong, cornhole, and flip cup possesses a special set of skills to be great at all. Step up your game with this draft decider.

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  1. Get Smacked!


My friends and I created this game one year ago because someone didn’t want to do an entire beer pong tournament. So instead, we decided to take 36 cups and fill them all about halfway. However, before doing so, we wrote numbers one through twelve on the bottom of twelve cups. 


We then went in random order shooting for cups. If you missed one, your turn got skipped. If you made one, you had to finish your cup to know if you got a draft spot. If your cup contained a number on the bottom, you were out. You received your draft spot and could stop drinking. However, if your cup was blank on the bottom, you had to finish your beer and shoot again when the ball came back around. The process would repeat until you ultimately found a number. Hopefully, it won’t take you till the last cup to find a number, like our buddy Zach. 

Deciding the draft order


Regardless of how you decide to build out your draft order, remember it’s not complete without acknowledgment of the previous year’s champion or shaming the loser. It’s about having fun with your friends and constantly pushing the limits. If you’re not looking forward to next year, you probably didn’t do it right. 

Lastly, don’t go into your league drafts with a lame team name. We have you covered with our list of Top 100 Team Names for 2024.


We had one late entry after the article came out. We felt it would be a disservice to not share this one.

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