Trophy Winning Week 11 Sleepers

After watching Jeff Wilson Jr smash in Week 10, we are on cloud 9. Let’s see if we can make it four-for-four on our Trophy Winning Week 11 Sleepers.


Man, I am still mentally recovering from a brutal Week 10. The injury bug has hit hard again, with Cooper Kupp, Dallas Goedert, and Khalil Herbert all heading to IR, essentially ending their fantasy season. The injuries have overshadowed some great football but brings even more value to these columns where people scramble to find replacements for that playoff push.

Trophy Winning Week 11 Sleepers

While we aren’t going to find another Kupp, perhaps a few more points from a sleeper will be the difference between the playoffs and the Toilet Bowl.

Before we give the trophy winning sleepers for Week 11, let’s recap last week’s extremely mediocre results for full transparency. 

No Touchdown? Big Problem

The Browns quarterback Jacoby Brissett needed one more touchdown to produce a top 12 week for us. Just one more to glory, but it was not to be. After an early touchdown to Harrison Bryant, the Browns offense essentially stalled except for a big Nick Chubb run. 

Unfortunately, Brissett finished as the QB16 on the week. He did, however, outproduce three of the four quarterbacks listed in our lineup advice section, so it wasn’t all bad—just an average performance.

Brissett wasn’t the only one who failed to put up points. Darnell Mooney struggled to find the end zone, finishing with a very pedestrian four catches for 57 yards on four targets. It was the Justin Fields and Cole Kmet show last week, leaving Mooney to only play a supporting role instead of being the star. He also failed to outscore three of our four lineup advice wideouts, so a pretty disappointing performance all around. 

I love what the Bears offense is doing, but the skill positions have been a weekly crapshoot. 

A Devastating Return

Meanwhile, Cade Otton made the most of his minimal targets, turning his three targets into three catches for 35 yards. Unfortunately the lack of volume led to a sub par performance. With Cameron Brate returning, Otton ran a fraction of the routes from previous weeks. 

Finishing as the TE18 brings no one joy, and he only outscored two of the four lineup calls. Similar to the players mentioned above, decent but not great.

Not One, But Two

We told you both Miami running backs were great plays for Week 10, ultimately settling on Jeff Wilson Jr as the call. It worked out great as Wilson finished as the RB7 (with Mostert as the RB10, our first-ever double top 12 call.) He outscored three of our four lineup calls, only allowing a late touchdown by James Conner to surpass him. Wilson was a standout for the second week in a row and should remain a top 20 play for the rest of the season.

So with another 9-7 lineup week and a 1-3 top 12 play week, let’s look at those numbers going into Week 11.

Trophy Winning Sleepers Record Going Into Week 11:

Top 12 Finishes - 14-27

Lineup Advice - 105-58-1

Still keeping pace with our weekly numbers but we are due a smash week soon. Let’s see if we can make it happen for our Week 11 sleepers.


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The Sleepers Discount Double Check for Week 11

I am not an Aaron Rodgers fan whatsoever. I once wrote a draft guide that simply said, “Not Aaron Rodgers, No Matter What.” It all started in 2014 when my unbeatable squad needed 7 points from the quarterback position. Well, you can guess what happened (and see how well I hold a grudge). 

So while I have been enjoying watching him spiral in 2022, he seemed to find some of the old magic he’s shown early in his career. For the Thursday night matchup he gets a pathetic Titans secondary in Lambeau in a must-win game.

The consensus QB16 will easily outpace high-ranked quarterbacks Marcus Mariota, Kirk Cousins, Dak Prescott, and Taylor Heinicke no matter how much I want him to fail. 

Old Reliable

The fantasy community (with the exception of my friend Beezy) loves burying David Montgomery every single year. Unfortunately, it’s a yearly tradition of incompetence that will show up again this year when he gets league-winning volume again now that Khalil Herbert is on IR.

Fields will get his, but the Bears are playing the lowly Falcons. There will be plenty of yards to go around in Week 11 for everyone—except for Kyle Pitts because Arthur Smith hates you

The consensus RB21 should see your lineup over D’Onta Foreman, Miles Sanders, Jamaal Williams, and Devin Singletary.

It's Week 11 and Still, These Sleepers Make No Sense

What does Tyler Boyd have to do to get some damn respect? Thanks to the experts who put Boyd all the way down at 31 for making my job easy. Boyd and the Bengals get a Pittsburgh defense that is as soft as Charmin. I don’t even know what else to say; you play your wideouts against the Steelers. It’s easy money.

Boyd will crush the output of Diontae Johnson, Jakobi Meyers, Adam Thielen, and Joshua Palmer. 

Don’t overthink this one!

Cakewalk Tight End Sleepers for Week 11

Tyler Conklin went off against the Patriots two weeks ago for 79 yards and 2 TDs. I guess it seems smart to play him this week when he gets a chance to do it again. It’s not earth-shattering analysis, just common sense. Sometimes that is all I use to make decisions, and it kind of works.

Anyway, Conklin goes in your lineup over Dawson Knox, Gerald Everett, Tyler Higbee and Greg Dulcich.   


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I know what you are thinking, this seems like a cakewalk. However, we work smarter, not harder over here. Not clickbait or outlandish claims, just basic advice to help you win the Title Belt. That’s all we’re about. So let's dominate Week 11 with these sleepers and get ready for those fantasy playoffs!

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