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Fantasy Football Loser Toilet Seat $59

"Perfect trophy. Everything I hoped for!" -Matt R

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Shame your Fantasy Football League’s loser in the most humiliating way possible with the TrophySmack Loser Toilet Seat! What better way to remind them that their fantasy season was in the toilet?

This full size, authentic toilet seat comes complete with disgusting splatters and bathroom wall graffiti (including the “SUCK TOWN HALL OF SHAME” for league posterity). Put it around the League Loser’s Neck and mock them all year long. Maybe next fantasy football season they’ll get off the toilet seat!

  • Exclusive TrophySmack Fantasy Football Loser Design
  • The Most Humiliating Fantasy Loser Punishment Available
  • Yes! This is an actual toilet seat. No, the *** stains are not real.

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If our trophies can land a shark, imagine what they can do for your Fantasy Football League!

This thing is amazing! It comes with all of the bragging rights & looks great in my office! :)

Devon S

Verified Reviewer

Excellent trophy. As commissioner of my league, I wanted to make sure I was buying a quality product. TrophySmack did not disappoint. Excellent quality and craftsmanship. Will be in our league for years to come.

Paul H

Verified Reviewer

Everyone in our league loves it. Our league just got more competitive because everyone wants the trophy to flaunt all year round.

Bryan A

Verified Reviewer

The league loves it, nice quality, definitely get your money’s worth

Tyler B

Verified Reviewer

The best money I’ve spent this year!! The league LOVED it!!!

Wayne R

Verified Reviewer

Great trophy. Only problem is that I didn't win it.

Nate J

Verified Reviewer