The Not-So-Sexy Must Start Week 14 Plays

Week 14 is upon us and, whether it is your last chance to make it into the playoffs or your first week of playoff matchups, we need to grab that win this week! Adding to the usual mess that is the NFL, we have Week 14 byes in 2021 not allowing us to start some of our superstars—including the top skill player himself, Jonathan Taylor. Couple the bye week with injuries and I think we could all use some Not-So-Sexy starts.

So let’s take a quick look back on Week 13 and find out if you should even bother listening to me. Maybe you should just tweet out into the world with the hashtag #fantasyadvice - or whatever - and let any rando with NFL in their Twitter handle help you out instead.

Huge Miss!

Week 14 Must Start
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Well, when it comes to tight ends, you might be better just closing your eyes and clicking because the guy I gave you was an actual zero. No, he didn’t just suck; he didn’t actually register a catch. Embarrassing, to say the least. Not as bad as the time I lost in the elementary school spelling bee in the first round because I spelled “choose” C-H-O-S-E, but still embarrassing nonetheless. Durham Smythe, you have lost all my trust, sir. I wish you well, but it will not be on my rosters as I have no desire to wear the Toilet Bowl.

Meh-ddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater is what we thought he was, just meh. He finished as the QB20 on the week and, while he didn’t lose your matchup for you, he definitely didn’t win it either. 

He did outscore Josh Allen and Dak Prescott, so at least it wasn’t a complete failure.

Amon-Ra St. Brown Stole My Thunder

Man, I named every wide receiver but this guy, eventually settling on Josh Reynolds. Now Reynolds was certainly respectable with 10.9 PPR points, but we could have had the overall WR7 on the week if we went with the rookie. I loved seeing Amon-Ra St. Brown breakout and I loved seeing the Lions get their first win. However, I wish we could celebrate a little more in this column. 

Good, not great call with Reynolds; outstanding game from ARSB!

And Now We Dance!

How do you follow an article giving you the overall WR4 in Week 13? With the overall RB7 (!) in Week 14. 

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As a fan of the top-seeded New England Patriots, I am no stranger to the shortcomings of our former top pick, Sony Michel. But I also know he goes off every so often; against Jacksonville was the perfect recipe for him to take off. He did not disappoint with a massive 21.9 points. He was a matchup winner you grabbed for nothing. You love to win Championship Trophies, especially when they cost you nothing!

So who must you start to win your Week 14 matchups?  Let’s check it out!

Big games start for the 2021 second overall pick Zach Wilson in Week 14

Zach Wilson had a good game against the Eagles, using a rushing touchdown to pad his stats. But we don’t chase points here; we analyze matchups. And boy, does Wilson have a cakewalk matchup this week with the lowly Saints coming into East Rutherford. They have been a roller coaster against quarterbacks during 2021, settling in at 19th overall and making Wilson a play you have to start in Week 14

Sure the Jets lost Corey Davis for the year, but the emergence of Elijah Moore - one of my preseason favorites - and the always steady Jamison Crowder will provide plenty of options. Hell, Ryan Griffin might even get in on the action again. In addition, the Jets newly balanced offense with a rejuvenated Tevin Coleman should be able to move the ball. 

I expect to see Lisa Wilson celebrating on Instagram this week (you should give her a follow, she is hilarious). Big week for the rook!

The rookie train rolls on with Chuba

With the loss of Christian McCaffrey, the Panthers need to put together a running game consisting of someone other than Cam Newton. Although I prefer Abdullah for the rest of the season, this feels like a Chuba Hubbard game. 

Incredible Sequence of Events


This week has been heartbreaking for Pokes fans, and they deserve this positive boost from the former Oklahoma State running back.

The Falcons aren’t particularly good at anything, but they are exceedingly awful at stopping the run. In Week 13, the Falcons ended a streak of allowing seven straight 100-plus rushing yards against the Buccaneers, only because they decided to let Brady have fun and throw 745 times after he allowed Leonard Fournette to score all the touchdowns in Week 12. 

I expect the trend of getting gashed on the ground to start again in Week 14 with Hubbard as the beneficiary.

One Old Man—So We Don't Start To Get Accused of Ageism in Week 14

Marvin Jones Jr. is about to go off! He has been a considerable disappointment like all the Jaguars. However, this is the week Jones reclaims his rightful place as a WR2 no one is excited to start. Jones has 82 targets on the season, so volume is not the concern; it is the accuracy of the number one overall pick. Well, he gets the Titans this week.  And what do we always say in this column: 

The Titans can’t cover anyone!

Jones should be running free against this secondary and absolutely explode. Get the old man back in your lineups!

Start the Rookies One More Time for Week 14

John Bates is the only healthy tight end left in Washington after the unfortunate knee injury for Logan Thomas. Although Ricky Seals-Jones might play, hip injuries are tricky and tend to linger. He got limited practices in last week as well but was still unable to go. 

Bates is in luck because he gets the Cowboys this week, who are not exactly studs against the tight end. I wouldn’t expect huge numbers here, but a low-end TE1 should be possible for the rook who has shown some flash.

 Like I said earlier, I am not exactly killing the tight end calls, so I will apologize now for ruining Bates’ start in Week 14. However, they pay me to name a player at each position, so here we are.

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There you have it; Week 14 Not-So-Sexy starts are in the books. Now let’s go win that Title Belt! Also, shoot Daddy a follow on Twitter!

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