Best Fantasy Football Team Names for 2022

Best Fantasy Football Team names for 2022

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Creating and customizing team names is one of the best parts of fantasy football. What was once cheesy has now become clever, hilarious, and unique. Titles such as Show Me Your TD's are outdated and corny. Finding the perfect balance of time-relevant humor with a personalized touch is key to some of the best ones TrophySmack has engraved.

Before you get your Full-Size Draft Boards set up and upgrade your Custom Championship Trophies for your live drafts, you have to pick which team is going to bring you to the promised land.

So don't wait any longer; start brainstorming and come up with the perfect name for your squad. Here are the best names ranked to help you get started!

Top 10 Best Fantasy Names for the 2022 Season

10. Knight Ridder

 Just like Kitt from Knight Rider, Desmond Ridder has all the tools possible to beat Marcus Mariota in training camp. Knight Ridder could display Ridder’s abilities while also showcasing an epic draft if you gear up, selecting all your guys. The possibilities to present this name are epic and shouldn’t be taken lightly.


9. Waller? I Hardly Know Her!


Waller Fantasy Football team name


One of our favorite phrases comes to life with Darren Waller - one of the best tight ends - making it happen. Waller? I Hardly Know Her! could be on the way to an exciting season with the tight end poised to bounce back. So get ready to customize your league-winning image! Waller? I barely know her! is going on a Champ Chain in 2022


8. WentzTaShit

Much like the Washington Commanders, your team might have fallen off a cliff in recent years. However, there's nothing wrong with poking fun at some unsuccessful campaigns because this is the year it all changes! WentzTaShit is a fun fantasy team name, standing out from a generic, run-of-the-mill attempt at humor.


7. For Whom David Bell Tolls 

An Ode to Metallica and rookie David Bell, For Whom David Bell Tolls is a fun name if you’re a music fan or just love slot receivers. In a Browns offense featuring slot receivers, Bell could be one of those late-round picks who win your league. Just make sure you let your league know you were the first one aboard the Bell train!


6. Show Me the Mooney! 

It’s time to put up or shut up for Darnell Mooney and your fantasy teams. The Bears need wins, and Mooney must play lights out to make that happen. Stealing a line from the classic Jerry McGuire, Show Me the Mooney has everything it takes to be a great fantasy team name for 2022.


5. Always the Backup, Never the Bride

Classic names can still be great, and this one never gets old. If you’re someone who always ends up in the playoffs but never with a win, this one is for you. Simple yet elegant, Always the Backup, Never the Bride gets more refined with age as you continuously get so close to your Championship Trophy, but never finish the journey.


4. Life’s a Mitch


Best Team Names Mitchell Trubisky 2022

We know life ain't easy, especially for the Steelers in 2022... or your fantasy football team if you drafted Mitchell Trubisky. So let's call it what it is. Life's a Mitch is the perfect name to poke fun at your squad or use as a calling card after a victory. Plus, it would look pretty dope on a Customized Winners Plaque at the end of the year!


3. Drake It Till You Make It 

As some may recognize, Drake London didn’t have the best quarterback situation at USC. Much of the catches he made were circus grabs out of necessity. Drake It ‘Til You Make It is the perfect team name for those who plan on drafting him. If he is the WR1 in the Falcons offense, you should have to Drake It for too long—that Championship Trophy is yours!


2. A, B, CeeDee, F-You!

Is there any better trend to play along with a fantasy team name than cursing CeeDee Lamb for giving you jack in 2021? Of course, your league-mates might know you're fading him, but A, B, CeeDee, F-You! is here for the win!


1. The Bateman


Rashod Bateman League Winner

Playing off the perfect timing of The Batman debuting in 2022, The Bateman is a fun, easy fantasy football team name, especially if you're a Ravens fan. However, if you use this team name, there is one requirement: You must leave a voicemail on your opponent's phone - using the Batman voice - telling them how you beat their a**!

Need more names? Peep our list of the Top 100 Fantasy Teams Names for 2022 and check out the best locations for a Live Fantasy Football Draft!

Get those Ultimate Custom Title Belts ready; it's almost time to start the journey in 2022!

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