Week 11 Waiver Wire Pickups to Trash

Week 11 Waiver Wire Trash

I'm not doing this Week 11 Waiver Wire Trash piece because I’m some troll who hates my life and everyone around me. I’m not some bitter old man looking to cause chaos or a creepy cat lady who prefers to be surrounded by overflowing litter boxes and the smell of fish rather than people. Sure, I like to occasionally talk smack and laugh at some poor decisions leading you to mount the Toilet Trophy on your mantle instead of the Championship Trophy. However, I do these pieces to help. 

So sorry if I wasn’t able to get Week 10’s piece in front of your eyes. If you didn’t see it, you might have wasted FAAB on Randall Cobb, Allen Lazard, Ty Johnson, or Jordan Howard; None of whom hit the most minute accomplishment: double-digit fantasy points. But at least you know, from here on out, I got you. Every Tuesday, before waivers clear, I’ll be here. So let’s make sure you don’t make those mistakes again with the trash on Week 11 waiver wire. 

Patrick Taylor is a Week 11 Waiver Wire Waste

In many cases, A.J. Dillon was drafted in the offseason by fantasy managers who had Aaron Jones but also believed Dillon had stand-alone value. Thus far, Dillon has proved everyone who selected him, correct. His four double-digit fantasy performances are more than Ty’Son Williams, Devin Singletary, Ronald Jones, and countless other backs drafted in his range. Following the injury to Aaron Jones, it is now the A.J. Dillon Show

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably knew I would find a way to bring Dillon into this, but this piece isn’t about Dillon. Instead, it’s about another running back on this offense who people are advising you pick up: Patrick Taylor.

Now, I don’t hate Taylor. He did alright in college, stuck around for a couple of years in the NFL, and could now see opportunities behind Dillon. However, keep in mind what happened with Derrick Henry once Matt LaFleur stopped playing with Dion Lewis towards the tail end of 2018. Henry assumed the workhorse role and never looked back. 

Dillon might not have the same effect as Henry, but in the ideal system for a player with Dillon’s skill sets, Patrick Taylor might not even see a 20-percent snap share. He was outproduced every year by a teammate in college; expect the same in the pros. 

As mentioned above, a good portion of people who roster Dillon also roster Jones. With Jones only out one to two weeks, you would be burning valuable space on a handcuff who likely isn’t very good. It would behoove you to pick up a league mate’s handcuff rather than rostering the fourth-string, career practice-squader.  

Let Robby Anderson Drop Someone Else’s Roster

“Robby Anderson is back! Robby Anderson led the team in targets! Cam Newton will throw to Robby Anderson!”

These are the same people who drafted Anderson and are now trying to squeeze every last glimmer of hope out of a situation so they can say they weren’t wrong. “It was Sam Darnold!” 

Get out with that noise.

Anderson is tenth in the NFL in drops (five), and he’s outside the top 100 in yards after the catch per reception while also struggling to separate. Let me also ask, since when has Newton been known as a good passer? 

So you’re getting a receiver who can’t get open, and when he’s thrown the ball, he doesn’t catch it. If he happens to make the grab, he doesn’t go anywhere. So yeah, picking him up makes total sense. You can see a few double-digit performances at best, but don’t expect to know when they are coming. Leave Anderson on the waivers and let someone else eat the doughnut.

But While We are Here, Cam Newton? Seriously?

Advice to pick up Cam Newton is beyond me. Talk about a player who could really destroy your playoff hopes. Let’s take a little blast from the past here and discuss what happened if you played Newton during your playoff run in 2020. From Weeks 12 to 16 - most league’s 2020 playoffs with the two weeks leading up to them - he gave you one (!) week with over 12 fantasy points.


But now he’s coming home to a bunch of weapons—these weapons who couldn’t stay healthy aside from D.J. Moore and the abysmal effort by Anderson. Okay, I’ll give you Moore and Christian McCaffrey. However, everyone else on this roster is garbage. Not to mention their brutal schedule. Oof. 

They have a Washington team who looked great against Tom Brady and might have figured out how to get back to 2020. Following the Football Team, they have the Dolphins on a defensive two-game hot streak who just shut down Lamar Jackson. Then, sure, you get the Falcons, but after the Bills, Bucs, and Saints for the Championship. Hell no. 

Don’t do it to yourself. 

TrophySmack Fantasy Football Loser Toilet Seat Week 11 Waiver Wire Trash

If you need a quarterback, plenty are out there. Don’t turn your playoff-contending team into the joke of the league. Save the Toilet Seat for someone else’s neck. 

Worst Week 11 Waiver Wire Trash Take

Why would you pick up Boston Scott? Even if Miles Sanders sits another week, you can’t play Scott against the Saints. 2.78 yards per carry allowed to the running back—zero 100-yard rushers. The only two running backs who have done anything in the receiving game against them are Cordarrelle Patterson and Saquon Barkley. And Scott isn’t even being used in the passing game. In Week 10, Kenneth Gainwell ran 12 routes compared to Scotts four.

So, where are you going to get fantasy points? Don’t tell me volume because Jordan Howard is the lead back. 

Scott had a good game against a pathetic Lions team and the Broncos, who have allowed 75-plus yards rushing in all but one game. Fade the noise. Let Scott lie on the waivers—or better yet, an opponent’s roster. 

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