Fantasy Football Mixtape Week 6

Author: Cooterdoodle

It’s Week 6 of the NFL season, and times are getting tough. The bye-week blues start NOW. So here, I made this Mixtape 6 for you:

Mixtape 6 Track 1:

I have to be open and honest about something right from the start. “It’s been a really really messed up week. Seven days of torture, seven days of bitter.” You see, I lost in my favorite league. Oh, and I forgot to put in waivers because I was busy watching Squid Game. “La la la, whatever.” One week can’t ruin my season, right? “La la la, it doesn’t matter.” I’ll pretend like I didn’t want Devontae Booker. “La la la, oh well.” La la la … wait, I’m going to lose again aren’t I?

Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae

Mixtape 6 Track 2:

This track goes out to everyone stuck in ‘trade negotiation limbo’; It’s exhausting. I just want the Title Belt! Sometimes it feels like “attacking, defending, until there’s nothing left worth winning.” With all of the back and forth counteroffers, I just... “I don’t wanna fight no more.” You say I’m not flexible. I think you’re putting too much value on a guy who isn’t producing because you drafted him early. “Why can’t we both be right?” Maybe this trade just isn’t meant to happen. “I don’t wanna fight no more.”

Don’t Wanna Fight by Alabama Shakes

Mixtape 6 Track 3:

You’ve heard of ‘diss’ tracks, right? Well, this is the exact opposite of that. This song goes out to all of the guys we disrespected earlier in the season that didn’t deserve the hate. Maybe we were impatient and wanted big production in Week 1 from the Buffalo Bills defense. If I said anything rude, “I take it all back.” To the guys that we slept on in the offseason, “I’m waking up.” For me, this song goes out to Tom Brady. I have dissed him. I have refused to draft him. After watching him dominate on my league mate’s lineups for four of five weeks, “I take it all back.” I really do, Tom. “I’d take it all back just to have you,” on my fantasy team right now. I guess I’m on my way to send out a few trade offers.

Take It All Back by Judah & The Lion

Mixtape 6 Track 4:

This track goes out to @boomer_carter and anyone else that is 0-5. You “just need a rest.” You “just need your friends.” Don’t get too caught up in the losses and what that says about you. “Calm down, calm down. You’re getting so worn out.” I know there’s still a chance, but we should probably talk about how the Championship Trophy is “slowly drifting out of reach.” Remember what brought you to fantasy football in the first place: a love for the game of football and fun with friends. A championship trophy? “You don’t need this now.” You just need to enjoy the ride and watch the game on your buddy’s couch; Sit back and enjoy it. You “just need a rest, just need your friends.” <3

Falling Out of Reach by Guillemots

Mixtape 6 Track 5:

If you’ve followed me along on this journey of Fantasy Mixtapes since January, you know how much I respect an insightful lyricist. I also love to end our little musical rendezvous with a bang, so let’s go out on top. This song goes out to everyone at the top of their leaderboards at the end of Week 5. You’ve made it to Week 6 by crushing your opponents, and they can’t claim it to be just ‘dumb luck’ anymore. Get cocky! Consistently Own your Wins. Tell those losers, “I’m too smooth. I’m not in the mood. Tryna make moves, tryna make moves.” You “ain’t bothered” by anyone’s trash talk because when it’s time to match up, they’ll “get slaughtered.”

MOOO! By Doja Cat

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