The Not-So-Sexy Must Start Week 11 Plays

Must Start Week 11

It is Week 11, and I - @DaddysHomeFF - am here to save you from yourself. You see, most fantasy football players are just looking at the big names. “Start your studs!” they tell you because they are unoriginal and don’t know how to analyze matchups. They don't know the true must-start players for Week 11.

But much like at 1 AM in the club, I am here to show some love to the unsexy. Sure, you don’t want to brag to your friends that you are starting these guys, but they will get the job done and help you secure a much-needed W on the way to winning the Title Belt.

Since this is my first installment, I want to break it down for you. I’m only selecting one player from each position who is either on your bench or waiver wire. Therefore, it has to be a guy you likely aren’t even thinking is worth running out. Trust me; you aren’t too good for these players. 

So hold your nose, take another shot and let’s do some dumpster diving. 

Future installments will include a past week’s recap. Transparency is key in trusting an analyst, and you will be reminded weekly: I am that dude. I love you more than anyone else, so I went deep to make you look like a genius. And all I ask is you name that Beautiful Trophy you are about to win after me. Daddy’s Cup has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? 

(And speaking of rings, you get a free ring with every purchase of a trophy or belt when you use the code DADDY—make sure both are in the cart. Now that is a pro-type product pitch!)

Quarterback: Baker Mayfield (or Case Keenum if Baker got too roughed up by the Pats!)

Teddy Bridgewater Must Start Week 11
Teddy “Business Decision” Bridgewater

Listen, I get it. Baker has done nothing useful other than making some dang funny Progressive Commercials. Hell, he was nothing short of embarrassing in last week’s game. This dude is behind Teddy “Business Decision” Bridgewater in overall points on the season, but we are talking about the Lions here. They are 23rd against opposing fantasy quarterbacks—including a pathetic performance from Jalen Hurts and Gardner Minshew. So grab Mayfield (or Keenum) and let your league laugh as you bank those 20-plus points from this beautiful disaster of a matchup.

Running Back: Believe It or Not, Myles Gaskin is a Guy You Have to Start in Week 11

Playing just about anyone against the J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets is how you win B-E-T-S Bets Bets Bets! And it would take the dead last defense against opposing running backs for me even to consider starting the corpse of Myles Gaskin in any fantasy lineup, but here we are. The Jets (who gave up zero rushing touchdowns Week 1) have given up 17 rushing touchdowns in their last eight (!) games.

Must Start Week 11 trophy
Dolphins Will Stomp the Jets Defensive Line

Think about that for a second. Gaskin, Salvon Ahmed, Patrick Laird, and Larry Csonka will probably all take turns celebrating in a place they rarely see because they are on the Dolphins—the end zone. The battle for last place in the AFC East will be won in the trenches, and the Jets will roll over like a submissive dog to this unimpressive rushing attack. They will hold onto the third pick in the 2022 NFL Draft as the Dolphins win their third straight led by an unsung hero in Myles Gaskin. 

Wide Receiver: Get Nico Collins in Your Lineups

I am not going to take the easy way out and say Brandin Cooks. You follow enough unoriginal accounts that will be screaming his name because the Titans are utterly inept at covering wide receivers. So why not predict a rookie breakout? The Texans will be down a ton, the Titans can’t drain the clock without Derrick Henry, and Tyrod Taylor just has to be better than he was in Week 10. 

That is the recipe we are using to cook this dish. 

I should start stretching now if Nico Collins hits, the victory lap I will take will be long and spectacular! The 6’4, 215-pound wideout from Michigan is about to make a name for himself against the first-place Titans. You heard it here first!

Tight End: A Must Start in Week 11 is Cole Freaking Kmet

You are sitting there thinking “This idiot is calling his shot against the Ravens with an underperforming tight end darling from the preseason” in Cole Kmet. Well listen pal, this is why I am in the by-line while you are home in your depressing desk chair reading money-making gold! 

Kmet has seen no less than six targets in three straight games and Justin Fields has figured out how to get the ball to him (finally!). Besides an awful Mike Gesicki, tight ends have feasted against the Ravens like it’s Thanksgiving dinner and mom made all their favorites. Remember when you thought C.J. Uzomah was worth picking up? 

Yeah, thank the Ravens. And now Kmet is about to explode like you after a drunken night at Taco Bell.

TrophySmack Fantasy Football Loser Toilet Seat

So there you go, my plays only an idiot would avoid. Listen up or wear the Toilet Seat, my friends. The season is closing out and we are chasing ships here so get those must-start players for Week 11 in your lineups!

For more players you have to get into your lineups follow Mike on Twitter for his take on sandwiches and fantasy football hilarity!

While you're in the SmackZone, check out the Waiver Wire Pickups to Trash for Week 11!

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